Piano Book Guide on tablet or smartphone

The Piano Book Guide can also be used on a tablet or smartphone. It’s now possible to simply add a quick link to the start screen of your tablet or smartphone. This then works as an App.

Via the the quick link you will have fast access to the Piano Book Guide. Whenever you to tap the icon, it will immediately open. The website refreshes automatically, so you will always have the latest information. This is extremely useful whenever you prefer to use a mobile version of the Piano Book Guide.

How do you place the Piano Book Guide on the start screen of your tablet or smartphone?

  • Open the Piano Book Guide in your browser.
  • Look for the option ‘Add to Home Screen’, ‘Add to your Start Screen’, Place on Home Screen’, or other wording variations (this option can have different names, depending on the browser or version thereof).

Your tablet or smartphone goes ahead and makes a quick link. If you want, you can customise the name and/or the URL. The quick link is immediately placed on your start screen and, like any App, you can position this wherever you want.