The study path becomes the Piano Book Guide

The study path becomes the Piano Book Guide

Part 4: the study path becomes the Piano Book Guide

In 2013, I decided to uncouple the study path from and give it its own domain. Since June 28, 2013, it has been known as the Piano Book Guide.

Most of the work has involved completing and classifying the study path into the 15 levels and augmenting the total number of books. In addition, for each title I have created a link to a web shop. This link indicates in which books the title is included, which edition I consider to be the best, and other information such as the price of the book. Compiling all this data has cost me a half year’s work.

I have used the following websites a lot:

  • Henle: not only for the listed books; it also divides them up into levels.
  • Sheet Music Plus: for books; you can ‘sneak preview’ many of them.
  • IMSLP: no-charge, copyright-free sheet music.
  • Huisvolmuziek: is now Music Shop Europe; for books.

I have also used:

  • the repertoire list created by RIM (a music library) in Utrecht. This consisted of a ring binder folder, packed with titles. The project was a one-off, the list became quickly unavailable and RIM doesn’t exist anymore.
  • the Gids Lichte Muziek (Light Music Guide), published by EPTA, the European Piano Teacher’s Association. This book, which contained recommendations and level indication for more than 350 piano books in the light music genre, was printed in 2004 and stood online until 2014 on EPTA’s site. The printed version has not been available for some time and there are no plans to reprint it.
  • Kloppenburg. For its titles. See Part 1: Kloppenburg: a study path for teaching the piano.

In building the website, I have used Joomla, AriSoft’s database program, a template from Joomshaper and RSJoomla’s software. The site is fully responsive (can be used on all platforms, also on smartphones) and the information can now be sorted and searched.

The Piano Book Guide has become a fully modern replacement for Kloppenburg, Gids Lichte Muziek, Henle, and all other attempts at piano book classification.

The Piano Book Guide is the most complete and comprehensive place to visit when searching for suitable piano books – for amateurs, professional pianists, students and piano teachers