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Klavierbücher nach Schwierigkeitsgrad und Kategorie klassifiziert. Mit PianoBookGuide können Sie viele neue Klavierbücher entdecken.


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J. F. Burgmuller: Etuden op. 105 and op. 109 added

Today, Burgmüller is mainly known for his piano works. His 25 leicht Etüden (Op.100), which includes the famous Arabesque and the Ballade in c minor, is very popular among piano students and piano teachers.

Burgmuller Etuden op. 105

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Titles from the Light Music Guide added

On my Piano Book Guide site, in the Rhythmic/Jazz category, I had already included a lot of well-known books, by composers such as M. Mier, J. Bastien, H. Beeftink, P. Wedgwood, H. Vlam-Verwaaijen, M. Schmitz and F. van Gorp. These books were used a lot by pianists and totalled nearly 100 titles.

Gids lichte muziek

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Kloppenburg: a study path for teaching the piano

A new study path for teaching the piano, by the renowned piano pedagogue W. C. M. Kloppenburg, has become a standard reference, for which all piano teachers are grateful! If you’re looking for a piece of music at a certain level, then you reach for your ‘Kloppenburg’, as this booklet has become known.


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