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In PianoBookGuide, the piano books are divided into 8 categories. In each category, you will find a specific type of piano book, lesson book or sheet music. For example, if you want to play together, choose Piano Duet. Or, if you're looking for a piece of music to perform, choose Piano Recital Music. PianoBookGuide helps you to discover many new piano books, lesson books and sheet music.

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The 8 categories are:

  1. Piano Method: The teaching method in which various aspects of music are explained.
  2. Polyphony: In polyphonic piano music, you are playing two or more melodies simultaneously.
  3. Piano Duet: Piano four hands: two people playing on one piano.
  4. Rhythmic and Jazz piano music: Swing music: pop music or blues and jazz.
  5. Piano sonata and sonatina: Music with a special structure and separate movements.
  6. Piano Technique: Learn how to practice a particular technical or musical problem.
  7. Piano Recital Music: Music suitable for performance.
  8. Piano Concerto: Music for piano and orchestra.

Piano Method - PianoBookGuide

Piano Method

  • Alfred's Basic Piano Library.
  • Faber's Piano Adventures.
  • Thompson's Easiest Piano Course.
  • The European Piano Method.

Piano Method

Polyphony - PianoBookGuide


  • Bach's Das wohltemperierte Klavier.
  • Handel's 6 Fuguettas.
  • Rameau's Pieces de Clavecin.
  • Shostakovich's Preludes and Fugues.


Piano Duet - PianoBookGuide

Piano Duet

  • Schubert's Fantasie in f minor.
  • Diabelli's Pieces Melodique op. 149.
  • Rachmaninoff's 6 Morceaux op. 11.
  • Mozart's Sonata in C major KV 19d.

Piano Duet

Rhythmic and Jazz piano book - PianoBookGuide

Rhythmic & Jazz

  • Hellbach's Easy Pop.
  • Konowitz's Jazz/Rock Course.
  • Mier's Jazz Rags & Blues.
  • Schaum's Rhythm and Blues.

Rhythmic and Jazz

Piano Sonata and Sonatina - PianoBookGuide

Sonata & Sonatina

  • Scarlatti's 550 Sonatas.
  • Haydn's 62 Sonatas.
  • Mozart's 19 Sonatas.
  • Beethoven's 32 Sonatas.

Sonata and Sonatina

Piano Technique - PianoBookGuide

Piano Technique

  • Chopin's Etudes op. 10 and 25.
  • Czerny's School of Velocity op. 299.
  • Liszt's Grosse etuden nach Paganini.
  • Debussy's 12 Etudes.

Piano Technique

Piano Recital Music - PianoBookGuide

Recital Music

  • Chopin's Preludes op. 28.
  • Haydn's Variations in f minor.
  • Grieg's Lyric Pieces.
  • Schumann's Novellettes op. 21.

Piano Recital Music

Piano Concerto - PianoBookGuide

Piano Concerto

  • Rachmaninoff's 4 Piano Concertos.
  • Beethoven's 5 Piano Concertos.
  • Mozart's 27 Piano Concertos.
  • Prokofiev's 5 Piano Concertos.

Piano Concerto

Music Theory and Note Reading - Musictheory.Education

Music Theory

Music theory made easy!
Easy-to-follow lesson plan, spread over eight levels.
Clearly explained with video, audio, images and text.