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Afrikosmos: an African Mikrokosmos by Michael Blake

“Afrikosmos”, composed by the South African composer Michael Blake, is an African answer to Bela Bartók’s “Mikrokosmos”. With“Afrikosmos”, Blake has composed a guide for composers of new African or neo-African music. Just as “Mikrokosmos”, “Afrikosmos” is comprised of six volumes and Blake has followed Bartóks’ method of starting with the easiest pieces progressing to the

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About Faber’s Piano Adventures method

Piano Adventures, established in 2009, is an American piano lesson method. Nancy and Randall Faber have combined their backgrounds as composer and pianist to support both teacher and pupil with a new and very extensive lesson method. They have already published more than 300 books. The method is called Basic Piano Adventures and consists

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Philip Glass: new additions and subdivision of Metamorphosis

Philip Glass (b. Baltimore, January 31,1937) is an American composer. His compositions generally fall under the genre minimal music.

The following works have been added, or further subdivided:

  • Metamorphosis, Nos. 1 and 5, subdivided into level 4.
  • Metamorphosis, No. 3, subdivided into level 5.
  • Metamorphosis, Nos. 2 en 4, subdivided into level 6.
  • Wichita
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