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Johann Friedrich Burgmuller: Etuden op. 105 and op. 109 added

Johann Friedrich Burgmuller (1806-1874) was a German pianist and composer. Burgmüller was born in Regensburg (Germany) as the son of the conductor August Burgmüller and Therese von Zandt. In 1836, Burgmüller settled in France (Paris) where he would stay for the rest of his life.

Today, Burgmüller is mainly known for his piano works. His

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Sergei Prokofiev: 11 works added

Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953) was a Russian composer and pianist. He is counted among the great Russian composers of the 20th century.

The following works have been added:

  • Four Etudes op. 2 (1909) added to level 15.
  • Four Pieces op. 3 (1911) added to level 11.
  • Four Pieces op. 4 (1910-12) added to level 14.
  • Ten
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Philip Glass: new additions and subdivision of Metamorphosis

Philip Glass (b. Baltimore, January 31,1937) is an American composer. His compositions generally fall under the genre minimal music.

The following works have been added, or further subdivided:

  • Metamorphosis, Nos. 1 and 5, subdivided into level 4.
  • Metamorphosis, No. 3, subdivided into level 5.
  • Metamorphosis, Nos. 2 en 4, subdivided into level 6.
  • Wichita
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